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Nemo Power Tools created the world’s first submersible electric cordless drill.
This innovative concept started as an idea that was thrown around by one of our engineers in the company’s Hong Kong offices. After looking at various types of air operated power tools, which are used around the world by commercial divers, military personnel and pool maintenance and construction professionals, we asked ourselves: why go through the hassle of using this highly complex system? Isn’t it possible to create a line of easy-to-use, electric-powered cordless power tools that are waterproof and submersible?

We researched the subject and found out that no other company had ever successfully created these kind of tools. Our team of engineers at GizmoMaker started working on this interesting challenge as a side project, working on weekends while still keeping our focus on our main business as contract developers for our clients.

In July 2013, the first prototype of our cordless submersible drill was created. We called it Nemo (after Captain Nemo from 20000 leagues under the sea, not that silly Orange fish!).

Today, 2 years after the initial release, Nemo Power Tools is selling products in over 14 different countries around the world. Our line of electric submersible tools is used by commercial divers, pool builders, marine workers, NASA, Sea World, Disney, and more.

Nemo Power Tools, which started as just a simple side project, now owns a factory in Shenzhen China and operates offices in Santa Clara, Hong Kong and Israel.

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