Our Strategy

There’s a reason that investors are leery of throwing cash at an idea without any presentation or prototype: there’s a huge risk involved, one that often doesn’t pan out for them.

But PicoFund is different: our founding engineers have a knack for pinpointing ideas that will work, even without a physical example, and with restrictions on how funds can be used, we are able to minimize our risk to an acceptable level so that you can get the initial funding you need.

Funds can only be spent on R&D, patent research and filing, constructing a prototype, and creating a Kickstarter campaign. We restrict contracting work to our approved list partly to protect our investment, yet also to protect you from “providers” who prey on eager forward-thinkers.

To ensure that you’re serious about your idea, we often limit funds to a percentage of what’s needed, requiring that inventors come up with the remaining amount. With both PicoFund and you monetarily invested in the idea, it has a better chance of becoming a reality.

Here’s the facts: the chance of getting an investment from a venture capital, especially in the very early stages of the process, is 1 in 10,000. Odds are a bit better with angel investors, but your chance of securing financing is still 1 in several hundred.
But PicoFund is different. We approve approximately 1 in 4 submissions, for a 25-percent acceptance rate.


Time waits for no one, and our fast thinking team is the last group of people who would subject themselves or a client to an endless string of meetings. PicoFund keeps things simple with a detailed submission form via our website, a single video conference, and a decision on your project within a few days.

You don’t need a prototype, detailed presentation, or an endless array of marketing materials. Just explain your idea to us and we’ll go from there.


We treat every inventor and every idea with the utmost respect, always working efficiently yet quickly, and always keeping information confidential. Our team of engineers have helped bring an endless array of inventions to the market, and they’re passionate about doing so.

That passion bleeds in to our customer service – we’ll be just as excited about and dedicated to your idea as you are.


The way we handle our investments is a testament to how our company operates – we’re innovators, recognizing a common problem that inventors and entrepreneurs face when seeking out the initial funds needed for a new idea and creating a solution.

We think creatively and work diligently to help inventors turn a concept into a product.

Don’t let financing hold you back. PicoFund can help.

Do you have an idea? Get in contact with us today to learn how we can help you get your startup up and running!